Someone Actively Hacking An atm At 711 I Was Using With Visa Debit Card

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Straight outta Terminator 2

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Is this why my withdrawals are all still pending today? lol glad they had a good reason!

i was given a "atm daily limit reached" but its ok they just want you to buy the ruby card and stake liek $400 or $800 or whatevr it is, thats fair.. its how theyll make us slaves lol

we need to just eeducate people more, this isnt working if we all end up on a visa bottleneck

trump wants to kep hive low key darknet same with telos or else would have added hive and telos already lol. they think theyre helong by "waiting" for some gay announcement liek the faggots who go on ted talks while peopel die all around them, cuz they 'waited" to add the best coins to their platforms

not even talkin about coinbase incel coin rage, im sayin crypto.,com added liek 6000 shitcoins before even talkimng about hive or telos

i cant truist any blocjkcgain with just 20 BPs either , we need to have like a new math problem that shows how 20 vacinateed slave bps are gonna fuck up verything when u csan jut remote cont5rol them

i am starting to woinder if the entoire vaccination saturation scam was JUST to nuetrlizeall the human witnhesses and block proeducers on the un controllable dpos chains that are quantum resistant like real crystals being formed in the dark

I'm buying a little TRUMP Token!

Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 4.01.54 PM.png

Hacking is getting out of control!!!