First Chemtrail In So Long .

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Trump stopped the chemtrails and now they're back when Kamala took office maybe its just silver haha

Two more currently over head wow

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It's must be one of those conspiracy theories, eh?

@tipu curate

WOOOO nice to finally fget a round about reacharound upvote thru tipu lol from someone with 1 point higher rep than me!

I feel blessed to not get downvoted or to just maybe not notice

i find it funny how hive condensor started removing stuff that unecisarily triggered people, like downvote amounts or vote percentages lol, so no one gets "offended" at a 1% auto upvote liek ive seen peopel do lol

MY PLAN is for a Female Owned and run hacker centric command line looking minamlist but also liek 2advanced 1999/2000 pixel net style, hive front end, that works with @banjo style bot, to take posst from a private encrypted memo key only community and post them to a dioscord where grimes and her ladies can RAPOID FIRE auto curate, and basically , you get a post on screen, you get a few mins to upvote, anbd you all upvote, and youre only shown who upvoted what, by the bot, using banjo delegation, AFTER you vote, so you start to remote view and GUESS what Grimes Hive Queen actually wants, untill youre good at getting her curation rewards

all happens in discord chat so youc an imagine emojis for upvotes and banjo posting them all but where you can buy HP from tipcc or benjo with BTC / ETH deposits and then stake it directly from @tipcc which oknu said he can do, a simple ...

$POWERUP command like $powerup 100 HIVE to ackza

from @tipcc would actually send hivepower TO whatever account you want, instead of just sending liquid hive. if you had this set up right with memo keys to say WHAT DISCORD USER sent it, NOW you have META hive accounts or LIGHT hive discord wallets stemming from a @tipcc style @banjo bot that also shows posts from a private community in discord and lets the mods all privately curate in a big game, and invite the public to curate with them too for rapid fire curation remote viewing prizes and to sync themselves up with grimes lol

if @tipcc could delegate and stake Hivepower, users could just collect any coin, swap iot in escrow for Hive, and $powerup whatever account, even like an account like @likwid or @banjo that then is used to give out stake weighted votes to posts FROM DISCORD all from the banjo bot that YOU delegate to using TIPCC hive which never requires YOU to ever have a hive account. Just use @banjo by @inertia as the proxy if banjo has that power Upvote and to post to discord all the latest posts from a selected community (which with memo keys and discord could become a sort of private darknet hive community ) And you could even create regular POSTS and COMMENTS through Banjo as a proxy after delegating enough HP to it directly from the @tipcc discord tip bot account. We can have backups so you can always get into a proxy , maybe the proxies can become AI witnesses :)

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Hey, this is a lot of information for one reply :) I will have to reread it slowly several times to begin to comprehend it :)

For starters, do I get it correctly that you would need to hand out constantly in the DIscord channel to be able to see and upvote posts? OK, setting the whole thing properly is another question :)

Good luck with making this idea real. Have a great weekend!


Ps: I don't use at all. @ecency for regular posting, @exhaust and @actifit for activity reports.

oh great look at the posts rewards now lol

we should be able to buy posst as NFts by now wtf is wrong with hive so fucking slow, if it was all ackzas wed be ascended by now

TipU helped in the reward department 😀

I don't know about Hive being slow. It seems OK to me. Well, I was outside mostly and didn't use it much so...

Have a great Sunday.