Telos Wallet (Telos Is Only Hope For Minorities And Should Be Shilled To Them Before The Gattaca Eugenics Wars)

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month

Telos wallet under some telos lights

The world really doesn't care about crypto right now

So only way to sellnit is to minority groups and secret societies as their last chance at freedom once the new fascist racism eugnist gattaca society rolls out

So want any freedom for any minority race or lifestyle? Better help telos and hive or your COOKED

There's a big race war kill off coming and I'm pretty sure anyone whose not white or wealthy will be sterilized by these wackiness jabs

Just remember that Hitler would have loved these injections for action t 4

Telos and hive are only networks that will be on forever to report the eugenics wars and the election hacks and the fucking covax deaths

A lot of people are going to die from this injection and they will pump crypto and release fake alien crap in news and in sky to distract you. Maybe they'll teleport all the dead bodies and say its a rapture

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