Staking 4000 SAND Power to @mariannawest and delegating 50,000 SAND

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year

I staked an extra 4000 SAND, to @mariannewest as she is a long time user, and I can trust this user to curate on the dapp. She can earn HIVE, or EOS SAND that can be sold for EOS on or and I would love for one day users to earn $1 SAND prices again, and we would need a LOT of local users and advertising to fund the purchase of $1 SAND and buy up over 300 SAND a day, but $300 a day to buy ads isnt THAT far fetched, I can totally see that as a viable goal to get to $1 SAND, maybe even $10 SAND is possible if we can ramp up users and sell ads for local businesses especially local crypto projects local San Diegans can check out and invest in. SAND is a perfect dapp to find local San Diego crypto investors who may have a few dollars a day to invest in your project or buy your products

Delegated 50,000 SAND to both @mariannewest and @marianne.sand

Now we just need USERS and a new LOCAL SAND APP. @ratzen made GREAT progress on local app creation and can create a great report for whoever ends up taking over the project locally. The goal is 1.5 million to all 3 million county residents to have access to a reddit style blockchain dapp, and with and all works well to scale millions of users, and we can just use twitter and and SAND tips.

SANDIEGOCOINnitrousbannerPSD2-2020 NEW.png

We need the CITY to pay for 3 hive, 2 EOS and 1 TELOS per San Diego resident so we can just create BLOCKCHAIn account wallets for ALL residents and have teh CITY manage them for the residents , we hold the owner keys and let residents have active / posting keys and we see what happens. It will be an experiment but we arent doing anything this cutting edge anyway so it can only help.


Looking for those sandiego tags :)