11 Segways In A Row- Hive /telos BalboaPark / San Diego ZOO Legoland Disneyland Socal AMUSEMENT park Community To Pay For Tickets?

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Someone bought these things a long time ago for some tourism company and they always suckered some tourists into some tour lol. Dangerous fucking things. Should just use 4 wheeled carriages . Stop showing off. We need regular free electric trolleys up and down all our major streets and a way to avoid the freeways with new side streets with epic nature scenery like THE WHOLE OF SAN DIEGO WILL BECOME THE ZOO AND DISNEYLAND

like kanye west wants for Africa

When I meet with kanye and do work with him,and his team, after I rent my 600 a month office in LA Jolla in the old merril lynch building, then you'll all realize the master plan of a decentralized AMUSEMENT PARK SYSTEM

REMEMBER that s Korean amusement park inertia found? @sweetsssj ? Korean sea world steemit github? Hmmmm

Amusement parks should use hive because you could pay for your ticket cost inside the park dpos blogging .... by making funny interesting or heart warming social media contont on hive on dapplr or ecency and then checking your upvotes at the end of the visit and 7 days later getting hive/bitcoin/doge from your post rewards ...a whole family blogging = greater chance. And this isn't even mentioning @vimm HIVE streaming

Socal zoo Disneyland Legoland seaworld ticket reimbursement network... get paid to blog your fav amusement park and get that 20 to 100 dollar ticket price back.

Six flags steem hive gelos reimbursement community .... imagine park goers cleaning stuff like tables or trash and also getting paid so even kids can make a few dollars in upbotes while their mom makes a 30 dollar hive post with some funny photo etc. And if they all wear hive telos t shirts wooo @telosnetwork and hive proposals can pay for a big BLOCKCHAIN TOUR GROUP

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Steem @appics @telosnetwork and hive debit cards

They make you a new account for 3 hive as part of signuo cost they cover if you qualify then they send you a crypto.com visa debit card with hive ... your new owner key is owned by this credit card company and you just get posting key and active key is in limbo maybe they get ut? Maybe you get it? What's important is the auto upvote from the credit card company for cash back rewards haha muahaha

And your card automatically gets topped up with HBD / SBD rewards

And your credit is all borrowed against your hive power value ... yes there's risk for credit card company but they can only give the card to old accounts that have history of making money and content . They can have a special credit rating and be downvoted if they don't pay back a debt but we don't need that hahaha

We can just depend on hive going up AND IT WILL if we buy back hbd and hive power with actual profit from interest on the crypto.com hive debit card

Crypto.com can easily integrate a hive wallet into their app and allow for delegation and auto upvotes and a whole system for pleadiean finance

Inter galactic dpos credit card with a system to borrow against your hive power and always get new credit limits or pay back debt with hbd or just choose to pay back your hive power which is owned by them. You only have posting key and a prepaid debit card ... acting like a credit card ...topped up with real cash borrowed from hivepoeer they will power down if you don't pay back bill.... . credit lines only extended to power content posters or investors etc

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