SoCal Desert Rave with Doja Cat Snoop Dogg funded by Telos? With NFTs from Deadmau5, giveaways over EOSIO CHL and WAX? Crypto Raves and Music Festival where tickets are NFTs? Decentralized Hive RAVES

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UNDERGROUND HIVE FUNDED RAVES! haha even the Police Siren went off outside IRL as I wrote this idea because its sooo dangerous... UNDERGROUND HIVE RAVES where the locations are only known to hive users who send the coordinates or google maps link (And you can give them a prize via @challengedac on eosio when they get there! rave SCAVENGER HUNT with NFts that are only visible to the user who shows up, like it sends you the MEMO KEY message- yes hive has private messages. login with memo key and send some hive or hbd or hah even HE tokens? and send like 0.0001 hive and a memo and then its scrambled, encrypted, and you need to be that account logged in with memo key to see it. )

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I just invented hive rave system that can keep humanity going with secret parties FUNDED BY HIVE posts for decades - Hive truly is the ultimate tax evasion and money laundering scheme to have ever been devised lol and just then a squirrel started chirpin at me lol as if to tell me to shut up lol


IMAGINE when we get iheartradio to join eosio or hive and hahahaha we have CONTROL OF THE RADIO stations and can give away Hive or WAX ATOMICHUB NFTS on teh AIR and direct peopel to PRIVATE parties out in the middle of nowhere lol we can have the ultimate raves with starlink internet, tesla solar powered RVs and trailers with cyber trucks or model Xs and then we can have



i am gona rent that office in la jolla, in the old merril lynch building, for $600 a month, and do a startup stream where you all pretend to work for mew in discord, i pay you in "pretend" crypto that is actualy real and we will see if the donations come in to buy the token back making it a real business


$RAVE hive fork chain... rave tokens only upvotes to people planning, organizing raves or the music or the food or the cars or gear or art or technicians needed

Whales only upvotibg ravers imagine

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