SAND street code

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month


Construction crews have made the coolest logo ever for SAND

It means something for the power lines or the fiber or something about the work redoing the asphalt ..repaving the road etc... who knows what it means...maybe google can ask the freemason builders who run construction

Oh its surveyor symbols. SAND may be short for SANDAG the construction thing


Ah i was right . Orange is for communications... alarm or signals lines

Undergrounding of cables maybe i dunno

Thats the sand fiber line lol


Orange is for communication aka the universe is telling you to focus more on SAND token Lol.

ya its insane well, i have a big idea for a big event in san diego , an alternative to Davos with Elona nd Trump on the USS midwaya nd convention center, all of san diego lit up with tourism like teh super bowl

yeah SAND need sto be used for schools, hive, we need thecity to use telos and give me money to research it and show what we can do in schools getting kids paid in leo and hive for homework shit. imagine.

proof of brain for students in a few schools thats tart posting hoemwork to hive, the news announces ALL school studenst are welcome to post their homework and to get parents help signing up :D it will be glorious seeing all these kids earning a few cents to $100 per hoemwork post with some kdis making liek $1000 on a really godo essay just to prove a point dude :D

I would legit move to San Diego if it became the first DPOS city. That would be so crazy and fun. 🤣

its all up to the Freemasons and Jews who run the san diego real estate raquet! I went to preschool with grandson of the lawrence family fortune, the peopel who owned the hotel del coronado and i reemmebr AJ in preschool told me "The president is staying at my grandpas house" and i told my mom and she wa sliek nooo hony

then she found out who he was and his grandpas house was hotel del coronado where bill clinton stayed lol

eos is the freemason thing and telos, the hive is for schools and kamala's big education program ,

"Imagine every american student earning small pieces of bitcoin for their homework assignments every night! Startups being formed on the hive proposal system, and telos. "

i can write her amazing speeches lol why not.