Molly Eskam will Join Voice, giving them a Playboy Playmate with over 1 million followers

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Expect to see Molly Eskam join Voice, as she already supports her brother and fathers App on their telegram, and on their mobile app! Shes already posted about ChallengeDapp (EOS) on her Instagram Stories. below is an image i made out of her LATEST post showing her in front of the HOTEL DEL CORONADO in San DIego LARGEST wooden Structure in the world at one point, and her Father had always talked about how if EOS goes to $100 he will throw a party at this Hotel and apparently we all get a room and get to actually stay over and complete the dream, not have to go home defeated, but to actually come to the hotel and STAY there in our own rooms without ANy questions asked, all expense paid, something we never see anymore. Well i know what Debit card Im going to be using with discounts, the CRO Card with EOS.

Lyrcis above from Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX - Fancy, which is perfect color matching for Molly Above in her Yellow which is like GOLD on her.
She will produce so much attention money and d-d-development for EOSIO! Thats D D D Development, Decentralized Distributed Diego Development. San Diego has ALWAYS been RULED by "Developers".... real estate developers... but cant real estate lessons be applied to software? I think so.....
I am so bullish on local San Diego real Estate and IT development and BRAIn power and the connection to government bureaucrats who know how to get things done, that even I have plans for a Hotel AirBNB x We Work Home office App. Real estate is so powerful in San Diego that we can have an eosio Decentralized Network of home offices that make every last drop of money out of our empty residentocommerco hybrid real estate. We would also, as a byproduct of the free market, because of a need to save money and NOT meet in a home office, to force people to Zoom Chat up until the last possible moment when its made apparent physical meetings are necessary (And a whole demand for low cost corona test kits will be a great byproduct of this sort of industry that incentivizes people to Go somewhere physically. ) But back to the office idea, for eos, and voice, I envision a network of people helping each other with businesses and startups, similar to WeWork or the locally available competitor called Man Power my friend invited me to years back (And they had connections to EvoNexus Incubator big billion dollar outfit with Blizzard Sony Qualcomm people and big tech players ) Anyway I just want to make it clear we have a huge real estate market here and they are developing like there is no tomorrow lol.

I think we could use voice to allow people without traditional jobs to pay 100% and more of their rent costs through work anyone can do. People would be moving to San DIego, paying for hotels LIKE the Hotel Del Coronado, and more better hotels would surface, people would eventually settle in the low cost housing being built downtown but we need more HOUSES not apartment blocks, and we need to build tiny houses at first, use plants bamboo forests and atmospheric water generation from solar farms we already have to irrigate pathways RAISED walkways a la Africa Rocks at the san diego zoo, and have these misted humid aviaries going through all of San Diego over the freeways and under them, amazing natural looking rock walls and water falls can be built into the freeway system so the Balboa Park 163 basin Valley can become one big Zoo Enclosure for animals that wont mind the traffic and will just be happy to have big fenced off sides of hills with water fixtures, and we will install walking trails everywhere

zoo-route (1).jpg

I cant wait to turn the WHOLE CITY into one big Exclosure with these EXTEND stainless steel mesh



01-csa-africa-rocks.1521026401.344 (1).jpg

ALL OF THIS should be the zoo all of the 163