Its not to late orthdodox black jacket from NEO4IC

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month (edited)

From a local apparel company NEO4IC



Inspired off eastern orthodox black chad robes


Dope! I love NEO4IC!

he said its from San Diego so i have to buy one now ,i bet its expensive. it should have nfts that are like a way to flex, or coupons, or just fuck it use hive to post fashion wtf like we could let women try on clothes at the mall, post on hive,a nd use the rewatrds to buythe clothes

how are more women not here? doing that? look at make up power liek wtf

imagine fashionpower with what i just said, women just TRY ON CLOTHES AT THE MALL and take photos of themselves in thedressing room :D and get paid to buyt the clothes that look the best :D

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