Issuing 1 Million SAND to Withdraw to EOS, to then sell aprox 600,000 SAND on newdex for Approx 20 EOS

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year

Issuing 1 M SAND on, WIthdrawing through @privex gateway

I then use Anchor or Scatter to Sell SAND for EOS on

Now I have the EOS here, ready to Stake to @sandiegocoin CPU for more future activity!

SAND reward Pool will be reduced to 1 M over 100 years so we can have 1 M or only 10% of the max supply be given out over time, allowing the tokens inflation to be extremely low allowing SAND a chance to get extremely high like BTC

ALSO we will make SAND immutable on Telos and EOS so no more tokens can ever be created


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