Weird Trash Is Like 90s Cyber Punk Dystopian Future With Expired nft DVD That You Plau On Any Old DVD Player Or Computer And Scan The Qr Code With Cool Animated Art Behind It

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month

Imagine that shit... dvds that just play video of nft art and a qr code of a link anyone can use to claim a freakin NFT which a screen and a DVD player makes super real because the fastest way to get the shit off that disc is to PLAY it and scan the TV hahaha yes


Monster rancher for grimes nfts imagine @stellabelle mini disc's and CD rom and dvds with nft codes as just video and the art rotates or animated in background as DVD cover menu art hahaha any computer can do that shit with free DVD burning software lol

U can even burn CD roms with music database code as the wax nft link or private key

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