Im pushin Z

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month

Yo add HTML to our profiles so i can customize that bitch like angelfire geocities or at least myspace

My profile will be my new website


Wait. Planet Claire AND channel Z? Ok wtfffffffffff hahaha

Oh wow player of games lol running through the forest scene in the b52 music video

Planet CLAIRE ( GRIMES) and CHANNEL Z woooah static in my attic cuz tartarian fireplace aether lololol

Gotta get away a way from Z


Channel z all static all day forever

Shove it in the shredder

Haha they really hate me

He sounds like andy dick lol

"Channel z
all static
all day forever!"

Lol that would be cool I remember the js from myspace back in the days now we just have it too easy

Ya dude hold up...can we do that for the profiles on or at least @peakd ?

We need friend requests lol

You could always go the dev route you can even get a tribe to start