600 Calories . 70 Calorie Coffee + 300 Calories Potato Hashbrowns + 200 Calorie Toast + 200 Calorie Bananas

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year

I notice my body wanna load up on food at night and then I don't eat all day next day till afternoon. I need to be like Dale grabbed and have individually packaged meals throughout the day that is grown cooked prepared and delivered by hive users or paid for with hive but we need users using hive .... not just a kabeo... magic of hive is unlocked at genetic level with human interactions and day home brew local developers ... imagine just local organic garbdeners paid hive to post their yields and using that money to increase yields and make organic farming on hive a realistic local sustainable food source RUN BY YOUR FRIENDS who fuckin upvote you lol like @sandiegocoin and @mariannewest etc !

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