HEALTH RISK by city of san diego.. disgusting portable water hand washing stations rigged to save water simply leak and stink health risk

in San Diego Coin SANDlast year


These stations for portable hand washing are broken and the company lying about maintaining it should be investigated so should whoever put these bacteria breeding machines that STINK. They are rigged obviously to NOT pump much water to save water so the valves are over pressured and it leaks and create stagnant Stinking water. Terrible design and would never be purchased privately...only states and governments would be so stubborn as to REQUIRE something so medieval and disgusting


Disgusting smells and the water foot pump requires an athlete to operate... no disabled person has a chance in hell of getting the sufficient water needed... it seems to be made specially for junkies who love under this bridge here in hillcrest on university across from whole foods. Its not fair to the drug addixts and homeless to banish them to this sort of third rate sevrevationist era shit bathrooms and washing stations

Lets sue the city for diseasing us and lets forcibly remove these disease infested machines out of our community. We will be removing them with privTe companies who can inspect these under internatiomally recignized standards and SHUT THIS DOWN

These hand washing stations must be replaced with REAL BUILDINGS SND FACILITIES AND THE CITY REFUSES to spend money to open realmcommunity facilities that have PUBLIC bathrooms like any park shouls... no one wants to invest in parks snd security for those parks.


This is why cities need a tokenized economy and politics.

I would give this water fountain a FAT downvote.

Start ripping them out. Or maybe some of the homeless would like to make a few bucks. It is likely to go unnoticed or at least unpunished during this time we are in. For a small expense you could initiate the whole thing. Start the trend and get them removed, by force.

Or you could try petitioning you local government to realize the err of their ways......