Golden Acorn casino ideas about native American telos Governance and Sovereign real Estate Smart Contract Tax based UBI from casinos

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I just used my CIA mandella effect powers to change timeline and manifest this place lol now telos has a real casino on Native American SOVreign Land with all sorts of financial loopholes from here to kookamanga

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"Charles August Fey invented the slot machine in 1895. He worked from the basement of his home to create his invention."

Ackza SAND eos: zackzackzack, [28.03.20 22:56] its the Kumeyaay Band, we can literaly all move to the san diego desert with Legal Public Banking Money printing, where we get to now be a little mini federal reserve, and we will need telos to manage the logistics, and can all get tiny homes with tesla solar panels and sing kumbaya with the Kumeyaay

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Wind Farms.... dude, the Native Americans need our help... Governance, technology, all of it, they will give us the real life Host body like the Guoloud from Stargate... otherwise peopel will always call us a scam in teh shadow of Scam larimer. we need real life causes.

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"In time the Treaty of Santa Ysabel, and many others of its kind, were revealed to have been kept in secrecy. In 1927, supporters of the Mission Indian Federation, a Riverside County organization in the support of Native rights,[9] came in conflict with the Bureau of Indian Affairs "police resulting in shootings and deaths on the Campo Indian Reservation".[10]

Later periods of the twentieth century proved to bring minor justices to the Campo Indian Reservation, including "1960s public assistance and food programs",[10] the Self Determination Act of 1975, and by 1978, "the Campo people designated the area near the Crestwood freeway off-ramp as an area for economic development".[10] Since then the tribe has developed a casino and built a wind farm."

Ackza SAND eos: zackzackzack, [28.03.20 23:00]
We need to help these people create Governance in Native American reservations...... Telos Decide for the First nations Peoples and Strategic UBI that tribes already practice, they can teach US about how to live with Casino Revenue backed UBI for all people in a city or state.

A similar idea is the eosio based 4% inflation local UBI based Marshal islands currency. I fear that once everyone realizes what the system is, no one will want to invest once the bull market wears off, unless altcoins just keep going up forever with BTC as world governments just print all the money in the world, well then how cant BTC go up? It will only benefit the wealthy so why not? Well we need to make BTC ownership a fundamental right in USA and California and San DIego County and City of San Diego so we can establish my plan to use solar panels to MINE Bitcoin for a long term survival and quality of life collective 401k account for all city residents using excess solar panel power generation to mine BTC and capture the value of the sun bearing down on San DIego. We will also start developing real estate in the desert because people will live there, we are not China with its Ghosts cities, and people will live anywhere as long as it is Inside the USA, and the desert is only going to make people wealthy of solar power and BTC mining as long as the Public Sector absorbs that initial setup cost and 5-10 year turn around on solar AND BTC mining hardware... so we may want to build real datacenters that we can also use to Mine crypto even if at a lo9ss because we will make more off the data centers in the event the BTC becomes not profitable enough to mine.

LETS BUILD GIANT LIGHT towers to Mine BTC even at a loss, the saved cold storage BTC will provide the city with funds for decades

Solar and Electricity are always going to be useful.... we will also always find use out of real estate and, we will ensure all current real estate oligarchy feels comfy and gets a cut of all new real estate being built, so we dont have any angry groups of wealthy land owners demanding we let the prices of real estate skyrocket..... we just want to create housing and it wont effect local housing prices.... our new housing complexes will have to be a sort of section 8 self sustaining community with tiny homes and suburban complexes, where we reward people with the better housing BUT unlike Kim Jong Un, we allow capitalism to occur, and we only help subsidize the development of the housing complexes by existing companies. We just have to get people used to tiny homes so we can start mass producing them.

We dont want North korea, Chinese Ghost CIties or Slab CIty which is the complete vacuum of any governance where people burn down your shack and kill you if you have a dispute with someone. What we need is the perfect balance of governance and police and law enforcement and courtrooms, with local community involvement in every aspect of the local governance with online digital participation in all major decisions using telos Decide style tools.

I dont have all the answers but I know that we CAn subtly nudge the private sector and subsidize some important expansion into desert lands no one wants to currently live on. I see the opportunity for solar farms with housing developments for the workers who live there, beautiful desert parks and outdoor nighttime music festivals planned. I will make the desert a beautiful place to live, because I know how amazing it really is, I know the magic of a desert sunset and that feeling of having wide open space, and ironically the memories I have that really do the desert oasis justice is Viejas and Barona casino.... staying at those places ... or a hotel in fresno outside Sequoia National park.... its so amazing i want everyone to have that experience... and we have enough space for all our local residents to get to own a piece of land and a tiny home with solar panels IF they want, and they should have to earn that over time doing online work for the city but.... i dont see why not?

Look what they achieve in Silicon Valley... well..... silicon is made of SAND...

and we have a WHOLE lot of desert and we could use a Tesla Giga Factory maybe lower the taxes for tesla to 0 so we can just HAVE that solar panel factory in California?

SOME people thought we should wait for the prices of the panels to go down? In reality we NEED big public projects to help get those prices down, and we should subsidize , the building of a gigafactory in San DIego, for the production of Solar Panels. If we dont do it NOW we MAY NEVER have the chance if the US dollar drops in value

This may be a time to discuss the cliche Solar Token... many have tried.. we even have @uec Universal Energy Coin but we will need to use SOMETHING to manage electricity costs with SMART METERS , nikola tesla and JP Morgans old issue with metering has finally been solved lol We will give people a lot more electricity in the future and power costs will go down just like internet costs and speeds or cpu or processing speeds.... electricity companies will make more money if they can just mine BTC and, sell more power to MORE customers, because billions of Asians and Africans will be coming into a newer lifestyle soon, and power companies around the world will make so much money. San Diego can even sell CHEAP abundant power to the rest of the country and even to Mexico and its population who can all live like kings now, as mexico starts to copy our style of smart cities built with solar panels and JoinSeeds style BTC mining credit union banks all built in.

San Diego should be King of SOlar Power and even if we cant sell all the power to our neighbors we can ALWAYS Mine BTC and ETH with the power to Data Centers which we can then use for Non crypto related servers. And we can use the profit from Property tax from new Housing developments to fund SMart City Software Education

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