Earning over 200 VIG, selling on newdex for 0.4 EOS, buying back 4000+ sand on newdex. This can be automated with VIG SAND becoming a Vig Partner, with smart contract automating the buying back of SAND distributed via reward pool on Hive or SAND

in San Diego Coin SAND2 months ago

i just made around 0.4 eos from being a vig backup custodian and now I am buying BACK sand with that EOS
proving that SANDIEGOCOIN could be run by local people and voted in by VIG vigor so that we end up with SAND as a vigor partner....for a DEFI solution and a VIG payout which can be sold for eos automatically by smart contract to buy back SAND .

(sands move from steem to hive and expansion to eos and telos proves we can move scot to eos with a small budget and hiring @eonwarped and @aggroed and @kurtybot and a few others from eos.discussions app for a bounty to fully move scot to eosio. Its already secretly happening with @apics and telos for telos scot oops lol did i say that?

https://newdex.io wil be used for voice.com and EOSDT is the new voice dollar