Downtown San Diego has the best cyberpunkification potential

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Downtown San Diego has the best cyberpunkification potential, i wanna have a special law where we have led signs all over the place but only allowed to be all turned on at once on weekends so its a real life cyberpunk 2077, and we will install teh special street lights and led signs and slow down traffic in teh streets to avoid accidents, and make so much off the led advertising and the signs, and really hire set designers to help add special little things to downtown san diego to really make it cyberpunk on weekends and a special cyberpunk zone where its 24 7 always on for peopel who stay up at night




san diego in the daytime becomes vaporwave city

and night city at night


Sounds like a marvelous idea. The Cyberpunk aesthetic is one of my favorite design styles

youll mine ads with outward facing extra LCD screens and 65" 4k TVs in your window,m theyre liek $500 each and each one will generate moree than that in ad rervenue per month i bet, then buy more, put em outside, water proof them, its gonn abe a great time with advertising, but with strict rules about what you can show, like no porn or the cops literaly go to ur spot and black spray paoint the tv with a cherry picker if you dont change it lol