Dan Larimer calls for New Political Party and "Randomized Hierarchical Representative Government

in Sand •  last month  (edited)

This is what ive been waiting for with SAND ... a new system for electing local "churches" that then vote like witnesses @dan on voice.com posted his Call for a New Political party and hierarchical representative government

https://app.voice.com/post/@dan/can-we-end-riots-with-a-new-kind-of-government-1594063789-1 @inertia#1138 @mughat president dan ... hierarchical randomized hierarchical representative government

This is an alternative to Telos Governance and Telos Decide OR it is just the extension of it. @dan and @dapperd are like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson



This is how we will form my blockchain local governance system and run for local office


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Imagine how rich we would be if Dan became president. I say we elect him. Plus he could fix the S3C and such.