Buying Back 1000 SAND on newdex Using EOS sold from VIG payout & City WPS System ( repost)

in San Diego Coin SAND2 months ago

I went and sold mah pee pee for some eos

it was sticky situation but the nurse said i can come back once a week to make a deposit. Ima use that VIGOR eos to buy SAND back everyday and support the SAND DAc proposal system which just uses telos and where I post from the sandiegocoin telos account and auto pay the user on hive who paid and posted the proposal by clicking PROPOSE on a custom feature of my nitrous condensor . . .

So you can post proposals and see them all here when people make them, then they get posted to telos WPS and voted on by the world. Pay is then made in SAND backed by the telos paid out, in a liquidity pool, and sand sent right to the hive users account. Local Governance for the upcoming Blockchain Local State Sanctioned Public Bank with a Cryptocurrency Fund Raising Tool which will use a local exchange to sell crypto to local San Diegans at a discounted price after raising the money on Newdex, and eventually Binance Dex, Uniswap, Hive-engine, Vapaee, Alcor, and a few other Dex's Exchanges, Coinbase eventually after the mayor approves, but we will simply use our own dex and physical office where people will get to trade crypto comfortably and locally, using open source tools and a worker proposal system.

This WPS allows any San DIegan to post an idea, write a proposal, and get it funded using telos which the City will simply put on like a glove using its arbitration system to vote in actual city voted representatives and the city running several BP Block producers.

Just make a proposal HERE and our sand elves post it to the blockchain worker proposal system