Bitcoin Declared Anti Islamic (Haram) By Largest Muslim Nation ☪️ On Earth: Indonesia National Council Declares Bitcoin Haram

in San Diego Coin SAND24 days ago

But not other blockchains ... maybe one created by a Muslim group with hand drawn caligraphy edenos human to human mosque producer imam witness nodes and Arabic script nfts for children to collect with real economic food clothing tools housing all built into the Islamic distributed math assisted network

Islam is math and if we make math work to help save Islamic children from poverty and hunger and perhaps dedicate our western brains to healing damage our nation has done over last 20 years to that hemisphere... then we can only support this... perhaps this was the way .. to wait for the math based blockchain to catch up and teach a method of building Arabic based fundamentals in the smart contract based on all Arabic based blockchain code written in a new programming language based on the Koran

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