End Homelessness With Hive/telos Funded Bike Towed Trailers Assembled Every Weekend Night At Home Depot Parking Lot With Standard Memory Foam And Upgradable Features Like Electric Bike Battery And Speakers

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And they all get IRL streaming phones or taught to use their own and make UBI by riding the bike around streaming... infinite TV channels on every street.....

Los Angeles and San diego bicycle towed trailer beds with upgradable solar and electric for bicycle and battery and blutoith speaker and smartphone for IRL live streaming on youtube/twitch/vimm ... so the towable trailer only costs a few hundred with bike and every weekend or once a month home depot can setup night time parking lot assembly lines where homeless learn to build them and can buy the upgrades at any store like the battery solar speaker but they'll come standard with the towable trailer and memory foam topper.

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I still think you should make a tribe to help the homeless.

That would be a tribe where I'd like to be a whale.

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Portable EOS Chinese RV mobile homes with starlink live streaming freeing Chinese people from needing real estate snd a beautiful Chinese park country with rich powerful free crypto economy

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If yall want ackza to move yall have to buy my cryptos which help the pkanet humanity and make me enough money in upvotes to pay rent at a hive/telos owned apt building i can always hack my way through lol


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