A Pro America Version of Davos in San Diego ON TOP of the USS Midway Carrier Museum, overlooking the coronado navy base and its Nuclear Carriers , like Tom Cruise flew into for the new Top Gun Movie. Its the perfect symbol of America's Power

in San Diego Coin SANDlast month


Elon trump and all the Pro America peopel will attend this, even Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan, lol

thank you Tom Cruise for getting the catering companies all used to a big big event on the midway!


It will be just like this but more like a big conference TED TALK on the stage with lots of people watching from all throughout Down Town San Diego and teh whole of the area lit up with big portable outdoor screens and projectors for night on the buildings, all of san diego will be in tourism mode oh yeah

Theyll fight for this idea lol so many people will flood in lol

theyll have dave Chappelle and joe rogan and all the proponents of free speech who wont miss a chance to hangout with elon and trump :D Who Else will attend? I dont want it to be anything like a Republican event more liek a big convention center tech conference, and the midway will be for trump and elon to have their big talk


That aircraft carrier is crazy as fuck. It looks like a small neighborhood broke away into the sea. It's huge!

and it was built in 1943 during world war 2, thats a SMALL one



the smaller midway is just a museum now!


others are like nuclear nimitz, or gerlad r ford or georeg washington or reagan class carriers

Bro your SAND proof of brain is still live right?!

It looks like the tribe site you linked on the community and HE are down.

I dont bother with nitrous sites. If people wanna use sand they can just post on sand community. Theyll still earn sand . If not then i was ripped off by hive engine who cares its centralized. Telos sand is better..you can use a real proposal system.

Sand would be cool in schools but kets be honest. No one in san diego cares and never will because its a hick town of red necks who are very anti intelectual and too stupid to figure out how to ever use hive so i dont care if they dont. Lazy fucks around here

https://Steemsandiego.com lol still worls someone paid for it

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