50s diner Jack rabbit slims from pulp fiction.. sort of like the old San Diego Corvette Diner...now Tesla is making it real

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Quentine Tarentino made an entire fake 1950s diner for Pulp Fiction in a hollywood studio building

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But Apparently they DID make a real jack rabbit slims in philidelphia in 1996 but didnt last long

But i had a local corvette dinner growing up near my house ...it moved nut its not the same... they even had the classic corvettes you could reserve and eat in



Now tesla is opening this place up for real i think...in hollywood...and a drive in

Thats what i think

I think everyones gonna be watching pulp fiction again soon . And ill end up in that 1.8M house for sale of mrs wallace when she plays with john travolta over CCTV .. the overdose is even in there lol