Why don't you wait to see how #LVL token does before doing anything drastic. They are releasing major PsyberX game footage soon! Aren't you excited? cmon man

lol ok but i still have to navigate a maze of people trying to pressure me to get vaccines just to not be homeless everywhere i go and soon just to fucking leave the state , i am in a concentration camp why go through with the holocaust .

honestly im too anxious to wanna participate anymore

ill never know when the peak is and it will never get over $1 and ill probably end up wanting to just hate myself more because ill have blown yet another chance to have a bitcoin and maybe be able to buy a lease on a condo ro something to find something to live because no one wants to accept myt work at home job, like i have to fucking create a company just to fucking get an apt i hate it i just want somewhere to live, i refuse to believe thsi city with3 million peopel has no new rooms for rent for all the kdis who turn 18 and move out i refuse to believe they are all leaving san diego like wtf housing isd a huge secret and no one wants to help anyone and i already lost $2000 to scams and i just cant figure it out so im really fucking suicidal and depressed now that i realize all my crypto is fake, i cant buy anything but weed and cigarates ands food with it, i cant actually pay rent because no one will let me pay in cash or ccashapp card or card and they want to see tax forms for a job i dont have, as if all the work ivbe done online has to belike part of some copmpany before i can just get a plac e to live???

HOW DO YOUNG peopel fucking get places wtf how am i suposed to START OUT? like do i have to fucking live n hotels for the rest of my life and never have a space of my own? wtf thats why i still wanna kill myself violnetly in the monring when i wake up hgere at my parents garage shack every fucking morning even tho i saved up $20k now still $10k but im ready to sopend my fucking crypto to mopve out and i cant see a way and i feel scammed by everyone , i have money but it doesnt count ... peopel want me to have some job with some big company before i can even get myself a place to live liek were in fucking communist china

i cant move because everyone else is and theres too much competition everywherte and everyoen else is trying to leave ca but theers so many immigrants an dhomeles and deman dthat i cant get my own apt , i have to wait in line behind outsiders, wheni was born heer and i cant even find a life here, piece of shit city spends billions on stupid projects and stadiums, 4 BILLION dollar yearly budget, and they cant pay fucking $100M to literaly buy trailers and trailerpark land for the 5000 to 10,000 homeless in SD, like we could easily end the problem and then move EVERY new homeless to the mini city and give them all edenos accounts for ubi, and deduct their daily ubi for fines if they live theer because as you live somewhere u agree to let them take rent and deposit u get paid back everyday as long as everythin gs opk, so they reserve teh right to withhold rewards you are used to, in order to change your mind

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