Vimm And 3speak And Dtube Please Help Me Create A New Site That Just Shows A List Of Streamers

in VIMM3 months ago has THE ONKY traveling live stream circus of young funny actors and comedians around the world now centered in Southern California and Sacramento (to meet-up with @onlyusemeblade for fourth of July)

I need you to see the website ... it has to get upvote integration OR we need a special IRL section for vimm

Maybe we can just bring them all to 3speak ? they have communities yes but are they for live streaming? I need to have a moderated LIST of youtube twitch troops and butwave and even drive live streamers. We could get 3speak and vimm added to as well

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To email them its I'll help pay you to do this integration of hive or vimm or 3speak or create a space for IRL streamers on hive streaming sites

Irl = in real life streamers who walk around which is very rare

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