Hive Goes To $100.... Hive Will Be Able To Pay 100,000 artists a Living UBI They Earn From Content

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Hivepower down real estate

Make it a business. Let others follow the example. Prove the #UBI rent payments are possible by posting enough daily content on hive instead of instagram . Even memes from @grimesmemes4lulz will actually make that account ownher key holder 3niugh to pay for life . A few grand a month is possible for 100,000 grimes fans on hive blog supplemented by @hellotelos proposals ... the only #nft sales will be for time share keys to actual apartments run by artists and coders and hackers around the world. It may take a few months to start saving up but if all grimes fans adopt hive it's price will shoot from $1.07 to $107 allowing my 5000 hive to pay for multi family housing units to give rent free living to top #grimes discord users who will pay rent to own in telos real estate nfts on my anunaki cuduruu blockchain platform.

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