How Challengeeos Dapp Will Help Steemit.

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I've known #challengedeeos dapp for so long, I can remember I took part in there promo post they did sometimes ago (months ago). Where I got some CHL token which I never see till date, not ever received into any wallet. But here I am with another round hahaha 😆. Sound funny ?. I kind of love the app though and this there new version 5 of a thing.

One thing I so much love about this app is the ability to send another person on an errand and pay such a person in CHL. Which can be converted to either Steempeg or Eos. And this time around they are trying to introduce paying in Steemp, a Steem peg token.


I was introduced to this app by @citimillz who I've known for years on steemit with a very good reputation. He is asking how adding Steempeg to challengeeos dapp will bring more people in both on the app and Steemit.

.1. If Steempeg is added to challengeeos dapp, it gives it more leverage, more than reviewhunt and the likes combined. Because of its being linked with EOS already which have a very sustainable database of users. Adding Steempeg will bridge both the EOS and Steemit world, thereby bringing more awareness of the app to more people.

.2. With each token use case is more users coming in, this means, when more use cases are seen on a token, in this case Steem. More users do come on board. If am asking someone to help me do something and am rewarding you with challengeeos dapp token or Steempeg, in turn, more users will be coming here in Steem. It's a win-win thing. Challengeeos dapp have more users, so also is Steem users increasing. I see challengeeos dapp surpassing that of Fiver or Upwork soon.

.3. With the onset of the Corona virus, many are opting for staying at home jobs, so, the demand for in-house work is at an high rate. Challengeeos comes into play here, and being rewarded with Steempeg will surely make anyone to Google Steem up and thereby join too.

There are still many more use cases of Challengeeos dapp token and Steempeg making headway but I'll stop here.

The potential that lies inside the app is just too much as I've been watching them over time.

And if you are still asking, what is even challengeeos dapp this young man is talking about, bend down low 👇

Challengeeos is a time sensitive geo-specific EOS based dapp which is used to send and receive challenges. A player sends a challenge to a receiver and asks them to carry out a task at a specific location, the challebge receiver unlocks a Crypto reward once they complete the task within the set time. Challenge Dapp has a local cryptocurrency called CHL available on CoinGecko, Newdex and Okex exchanges. There is also a pegged asset available on @steem-engine. Challenge App has CHL, SENSE, EETH and SAND tokens as the tokens used to make payments on the app. STEEMP (Steem pegged tokens) will be added in the ongoing Challenge Version 5.0 update. Challengeeos has it's Headquarters in San Diego, California.

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