Need to Look at Flowers for a Little While

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I already recorded my Vlog this morning - before I started to do anything else and talked about needing to find balance with all the things I want/need to do.

Well, that was before breakfast - and then, I made my list.


Here is a part of it - I voice dictated it into my notes and didn't correct any spelling. Siri (or whoever lives in my phone) doesn't understand me half of the time. She acts like I have an accent or something... 😂

Dang, and that is not all of it. I think I better look at a flower again. That always calms me a lot.

I took this one yesterday just before sundown. You can see that they are ready to tuck in for the night. I let the chicken roam to pick up all the Mulberries that dropped and to fill up on weed seeds and other goodies.

When they are out, I have to watch the garden beds and plants I don't want them to eat. They, for some reason, like my garden the best.

While we are on the chicken topic.

Remember Pearl?

Goofy Sultan chicken Pearl?

She decided to get broody as well and was sitting on a golf ball and a fake egg I have in the lay boxes to invite them to lay their eggs where I want them to lay them.

Last night, I moved her in with the rest of the broodies. Now, there are three. Mister Dan better did his job and we will get some babies out of the ordeal.

And a little foreshadowing what is coming in the near future to this blog 😉

Not going to tell you anything about this yet - stay tuned to find out.....

A #grovid20 post and #naturefirst

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