Joined Challengeeos Video Tutorial Contest Yet?

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There is a Contest going on in the Challengeeos Community on Hive. If you have not joined yet, then do so as the contest had begun and will end in a few days. The @challengedac App Team which is based in San Diego, California is making sure to put smiles on the face of Hive platform users.


I am hosting a Challengeeos App Video Tutorial contest where every participant will win 1 EOS and the grand prize winner will win 20 Hive tokens. Check out this post to get the full details of the contest

Subscribe to the Challengeeos Community on Hive here.


Visit Challengeeos Website for more info about the App or Join Challenge Telegram

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Can I am participating this challenge sir?

Sure, you can.

Excellent and fun idea! I'm going to check out the contest. Greetings, @citimillz

Alright friend. Please do!

Im surely going to take part. I have been looking for a contest to join