What Cities Do You Want Our Team To Geo-Drop In Next?

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Hey Challengers!

This period when the world is facing the Covid19 should be made fun with the Challengeeos App. People can be sent challenges with the App to stay at home and redeem free crypto. The Challenge Team is actually in search of what Cities or Countries in the world want to be Geo-dropped CHL tokens. Winners will be able to unlock the coins if there are at the location where the Geo-drop will be set.

If you have a suggestion about what City you think will appreciate the CHL token Geo-drop, Kindly drop suggestions of the location as comment on this post. This is our little way of giving back to the Challengeeos community members. We appreciate the support we have gotten from our users so far so it's now time to rain some CHL Geo-drops on them. We await your suggestions and announcements will be made for every CHL token drop we set up.

Meanwhile, If you have downloaded our App and you will like a challenge to be sent to you so you can start earning cryptocurrency, kindly comment your challenge username and location on this post https://hive.blog/hive-122179/@willspatrick/earn-crypto-completing-the-challenge-master-s-challenge and @willspatrick The Challenge Master will send over a challenge to you.

Challengeeos App is an EOS based geo-specific and time sensitive app which allows users to send and receive challenges for real time crypto rewards. A player (Challenge sender) sends a challenge to a challenge receiver asking him/her to be at a particular location e.g At home at a given time. If the receiver is at that location at the given time, he/she then unlocks the crypto reward. The Challenge team is based in San Diego, California and the tokens which are used on the App are SAND, EETH, CHL and SENSE tokens. CHL is the App's native currency and is available on Newdex, CoinGecko, Bitsonic and Okex exchanges.

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Cheers and Stay safe!



Wow! The party just begun...I am loving this.

Let's try Sunyani, Ghana. By the way I'm in Ghana and I haven't had a challenge since I joined

Okay. Follow this link, comment your ChallengeDac App username, your precise location and a challenge will be sent to you.

A great opportunity for everyone to earn at their convenience. I love this!

I just installed the app, location is Lagos Nigeria, would love some challenges

cool! what is your Challenge username?

My challenge username is othnapcalx24