Happy New Week Fans

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Hello fans,

I trust your week is going smoothly already. For me, I thank God for the way things have turned out and I can't complain. Every day gives you what you make of it. Stay positive and enjoy the good side of life. Avoid every sort of bad energy influence around you and you will end up seeing yourself always on top of your game. Be strong and prayerful because God uses people to bless us and he won't come down from heaven to bless us but will pass through humans. So meet with the right people that will affect your life positively.

Stream and Download my newest singles 'CRYPTO WAY' and 'SWIT POTATO' just released last week and tell me what you think of the Vibe. 😆



Have you all heard about this two profitable and amazing cryptocurrency projects called ChallengeEOS and Telokanda. ChallengeEOS is an EOSIO Software based App that is used to create and win challenges for Crypto rewards. The App has a native token called CHL available on Newdex, Bitsonic, CoinGecko and Okex exchanges. The ChallengeEOS headquarters is located in San Diego, California.


Telokanda is a Telos Hive and EOSIO blockchain smart contract advertisement platform that rewards users for taking actions. The platform has a native token called KANDA available on Newdex, Hive-engine and ALCOR exchanges. Check my previous posts for more info.