The Princeton Review Recognizes SDSU for Sustainability Initiatives | NewsCenter | SDSU

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As an SDSU Alumni, I knew even when I was a student, that the most amazing part of the school was that it was in San Diego, 

Back then, Qualcomm was still Jack Murphy Stadium, and Baseball Games still happened there. It was part of the fun to get $5 Baseball tickets and get an actual seat. 

Petco Park is cool, but being a part of something that was not corporate was that much better. 

Now, as an Alumni, I see the school being part of something bigger. Most recently it is recognizing SDSU as a "green" school. 

Back before it was "cool" we were using the paper straws, the cardboard trays, and walking everywhere. Slowly, the infestation of starbucks hit us and at one point we had three of them on one campus. Not so cool. It seems that we are making the wave back, and I am proud of that. 

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Three of them in one campus?!
That's a lot indeed :D

Never heard of this school, but then I am in Europe so not that crazy I guess :)
Always feels good to see your old school/uni. as an alumni. I still receive messages from my university even if it's been some years that I have graduated.

It sure was an overkill - I used to like Starbucks. It when they closed up my favorite smoothie shop and turned it into a Starbucks - I became a non-Starbucks drinker and now rarely drink it. Maybe 1 coffee per year?

The campus is large with 40,000 + students, plus the staff and visitors so I’m sure all three had plenty of traffic.

Thank you for taking the time to read my words even though they were on the dlike platform.

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Wow, +40K students! I am sure they had a lot of clients then.
I rarely visit a Starbucks. Sometimes by coincidence they have a small place in a gas station, then I take one cup of coffee.

I was scrolling through "NEW" content, don't really look at the tags. dlike or not, happy to read it :)
Thanks for sharing!

I'm currently at my college right now and it's my lunch time.

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