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Good news for everyone who has been following the @challengedac Team. We are happy to announce to all Steemians that we have resumed the curation of all post by Steemians relating to our App be it a review post or a post showing how you sent a challenge to a friend or how you received a challenge from a friend. We will be giving out 100% Upvotes from our 100k SP accounts to everyone one who posts about our App using the #challengedac tag. We hope that with this we can build a robust community on the @steem blockchain.

Challengeeos App is an EOS based GPS function mobile App which uses a geo-specific used to send and recieve challenges for Real-time Crypto Rewards. A player sends a challenge to a challenge receiver and the challenge receiver has to go to a certain location to carry out a task and once he completes the task, he unlocks a real-time crypto reward. The challenge App has it's local cryptocurrency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko exchange. We also have a pegged asset called CHLP available on @steem-engine.

Download Challenge App today and start sending challenges to your friends:

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:

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Twitter: @ChallengeDac


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Awesome to hear this. Great developments everyday on the blockchain.

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  ·  last month (edited)

That's for certain bro. It's fun when you realize you can challenge your friend to go anywhere and carry out a task for crypto rewards with the use of the @challengedac app @uyobong

Plus I have 130k in Steem delegation for the next 4 weeks! I will be using it to upvote people who make content showing them making challenges using the challengeeos app!

wow, that's great news @chaceeskam! Thanks and I am pretty much sure the Steem blockchain will appreciate this.

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Alltime my support for challengedapp app