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Download the Trending EOS based App for your mobile and use it to send and receive challenges. A sender sends a challenge which a receiver has to go to a certain location and carry out to unlock a Crypto reward. Sounds interesting huh! Get the @challengedac App now. The Challenge App uses Geo-Specific and Time sensitive functions. Challengedac App has it's local currency called The CHL available on Newdex, CoinGecko and Okex. It also has a pegged asset on Steem-engine called The CHLP. Download now and Get free 20.CHL for a start. You can also purchase CHL or CHLP from the Crypto markets. The ChallengeDac Team is based in San Diego, California.


I am hosting a Contest where each participant will get 1000 CHLP and a $1 Upvote from the @challengedac account with 100,000SP. Read Contest post here:)

Download The Challenge App for your mobile:

Purchase CHL via @newdex-io:
Purchase CHLP via @steem-engine:

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Twitter: @ChallengeDac


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You gonna get challenges in every community?

Yeah! Open challenges in Cities so anyone closeby can join. Have you joined the Steem contest yet? @fredkese

Not yet

Ahh! I'm waiting on it bro. don't forget to use #challengedac as on the tags.


Ya the man, good work and keep going, it'll pick up in a while 🤪