Happy Christmas Challengers In The Steem Ecosystem

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We the members of the Challenge Team in San Diego, California specially extend season's greetings to all our users here on the @Steem Blockchain. A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in Advance. A Million thanks for the Support we have gotten from our community on Steem so far. For this, we are going to be rewarding everyone who drops their wishes in comment section of this post with an Upvote.
Download our App and join in the fun sending and receiving challenges. Also Join our on-going contest for Steemians.



Download The ChallengeDAC App for your mobile Here=)

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Website: https://www.challengedapp.io
Telegram: https://t.me/Challenge_DAC
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/challengedacdapp/
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Twitter: @ChallengeDac

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I am downloading the app but I could not register because the mobile number invalid says I gave the correct mobile number.

Thanks for support steemit.
Challengedac dapp is a wonderful full app.

ChallengeOS Version 3.0 was just launched few days ago. Our developers are still trying to fix it up so our users can have a wonderful experience.

Please fix it quickly. I thought you were not giving a step so I was posting a post for you to see.

yes yes we know, the team is small and working on a LOT of big updates, it is going to take a while, everything is still in early developmental experimental stages.

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Merry Christmus @challengedac all team members

Merry Christmas to the ChallengeDAC team.

Remain blessed!

I also face please fix it quickly
thanks for help steemit commonunity

Merry Christmas

I have done some challenges in the #challengedac application but after the application has been updated, it has returned to zero ...

see the picture that I shared. Hope that besides chl / chlp token, we can have steem / steemp in our wallet to send and share as gifts for other users



I downloaded the application by registering with my EOS Account but the phone number is invalid.