Announcement! Announcement!! Challengeeos Will Have A Big Announcement To Make After Voice's Launch

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Voice is a social media project which belongs to and EOS was built with the goal of being able to support dapps, content platforms and social media. Voice is a social media site and a content platform which will be launching on the 14th of february which happens to be Valentine's Day. Voice will provide a new phase of social media ranking from data tracking, bot mobs and shady algorithms. Real people will now be involved on social media and real conversations will take place. brought the domain with the sum of $25 million and they also brought $25 million worth of EOS Ram. They also stated they have a 100+ million budget and the money comes from EOS ICO.

The blockchain world is about to witness an evolution with the emergence of Voice Platform. This evolution will affect other EOSIO projects positively and Challengeeos Dapp is not an exception. After voice's launch, @challengedac will have a BIG Announcement to make so if you are a Challenge App user. Expect something BIG coming from us. We always make our users feel at home and our developers are working hard on a daily basis to make sure Challenge is up and running.

Challengeeos App is EOS Based App that is used to send and receive challenges among peers for crypto rewards. A sender sends a challenge to the challenge receiver asking him/her to show up at a location within a given time. Challenge App is time sensitive and geo-specific hence allow it to detect if the challenge receiver is a the set location within that period of time. The challenge receiver wins the crypto reward if able to complete the task. Challenge has a loacal currency called CHL available on Newdex, Okex and CoinGecko exchanges. Challengeeos also has a pegged asset on @steem-engine called CHLP. Here is a list of tokens that you will find on our dapp as they are used as for payment purposes:) SENSE, EETH, CHL, SAND. Challenge team is based in San Diego, California.

We the Challenge Team always want the best for our members so we keep them happy and smiling. See you guys around after voice launch.


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It’s happening today!
Well done to the entire Challengeeos team



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