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Have you heard of a GPS Function mobile App which you can use to challenge a friend to go to a specific location and carry out a task and unlock a reward. ChallengeDAC App is simply a Geo-specific and time sensitive APP, which means if i am the challenge sender and i challenge you to go shopping in New York, you will unlock a crypto reward which is called CHL (The App's local currency). The ChallengeDAC App let's you do this. Users can also be with EOS since the App is EOS based. The challenge app's local currency can be found on CoinGecko, Newdex and Okex exchanges. The App also has a pegged asset on the @steem-engine market. SAND tokens will soon be added to the list of tokens that can be used to pay on the @challengedac app. The owners of this state-of-the-art App are based in San Diego, California.

I am tipping 500CHL each to new members who join our Telegram Community Here:

This App is amazing and i know this very App is the blockchain Dapp of the future. Download yours now

Download ChallengeDAC App for your mobile =)


Buy CHL via @newdex-io:
Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:


Read more about ChallengeDac App on the official Website:

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Here is my profile still finding it difficult to use the app

It's simple @kayceefresh.

• Click on 'Create challenge'

• Write the name of your challenge e.g Swimming

• Insert the username of the challenge receiver
• Choose the location the receiver has to be to carry out the challenge
• Choose the time challenge must be carried out
• Write the description of the challenge

• Click on the small box if you are paying for the reward


• Enter amount and select coin you are paying the Challenge receiver with.

• Click on 'Confirm'

That's all!

Now i am joind telegram group.

Thanks dear @citimillz. I joined the Telegram Group. But I do not understand how to get 500 CSL Talking.

Thanks for joining our telegram community @mspbro. I tipped you 500 CHL via telegram. You can check balance by messaging tipit bot with '.bal'

are you guys available on coinspace as well? coz i found coingecko hard to navigate and currently using other platform. thanks.

Download the Tokenpocket wallet friend. I think this will be more helpful to purchase CHL.