I am probably boring you all with all my ferments. But I am so excited about them. ...

in appics •  10 days ago 

... This is day 6 of the ferment and the Kraut is slightly sour, just a little bit crispy, and so easy to eat as is. Loving it and many jars already went home with family and the fermentation crew. We processed 50 lbs of veggies. There will be plenty of Kraut at all stages of development until it is time to make the next batch 😀


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Love seeing this. Not boring at all. Fascinating!

Thank you. That makes me happy.

I would absolutely love to have some. I like it all..

You are in SoCal, right. Let’s have a Meetup with all kinds of yummy fermented food 😜 I think @derekrichardson would be up for that 😹

Heck ya. That sounds awesome, count me in!!

Yes we are in socal yes. Would be cool.

oh i wish i could ferment. it is really healthy!

I think you can. It can be done in quart jars. All you need is veggies, pure salt, and clean water 👍

It looks so wonderful,thank you for sharing,I love it so much!😍

Thank you

Oh,my Kraut is just on day 4 but I don't try it yet,but I'm so ecxited and looking forward!😃

Mine was bubbling like crazy. We pulled the first try after three days and it was super mild - a delicious salad. 6 days is still mid but already too sour for my daughter in-law 🤪