Just stepped in from the garden. It’s lemon time in San Diego. The bigger ones are ...

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... Meyer lemons and are very sweet. The other ones are sour like you expect a self- respecting lemon to be 😀 What is your favorite use for Lemons?


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They look great. My Anise never gets that big here. I think our growing season is too short.

It is year around here. I just ate it and it was yummy! 😀

That is wonderful to have such great weather all the time.

..i Love lemons!.. and as i have Sicilian roots, of course I have a few favorite recipes!..Sicily is THE land of lemons!..anyway, last year i made for the first time a delicious ‚limoncello‘, THE(maybe only?..) lemon liquor..I can remember the name of them, it was ‚primo fiore‘, what means ‚first flower‘..had like ten kilograms of Sicilian organic ones..for the limoncello you just need the peel..so it will

..oops..sorry..know it’s a long comment.. anyway, with the lemons themselves I made the one and only best lemon marmalade!..btw there’s no lemon marmalade around..just lemons, organic sugar, water..sorry for the many words, best wishes..enjoy..

I love your many words!! I don’t think I will have 10 kilos but I think enough to make some Marmelade! You didn’t use pectin?

..ook, thank you..at the end I used like 3-4 kg for about 10 liters of limoncello (..mostly it is used Wodka or similar, I used alimentary alcohol from the pharmacy and of course water..) and with these peeled 3-4kg lemons I made about 2-3kg marmalade..amazing marmalade!!.. and amazing limoncello!!..people and me(!) loves both..so, maybe you try it out..and surely you will enjoy...

..no Pektin, just organic sugar..I was wondering too..before I haven’t made marmalade, but heard always about Pektin..it worked without..the thing is that for the liquor you have to peel the fruits real thin, the white part of the peel should not be used..neither for liquor, neither for marmalade..that’s the only part you don’t need at all..ya, and the seeds of course..that was also a little work to do, taking away all seeds..but it sounds more work to do than it is..ok, ask me please, if you have questions..otherwise, have fun and good luck..

Thank you so much for all the info! I don’t drink alcohol but my son might want to try it. I am going to make the Marmelade for sure! Am going to travel for a few days, but next week!