APX and SAND are part of a Newdex Gibeaway promo so gibbe gibbe mobey newdex! $5 ...

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... to $6 EOS now means that we have to spread the love to our cross platform users on steem. EOSIO cant have all the fun ..its why I created EOS STEEMP with steem engine snd privex and got newdex team blessing to list so we have a direct gateaya from newdex to ALL steem engine tokens as the BASE PAIR of all steem engine tokens has an EOS peg you can always have in minutes for 1% fee, is trading on newdex against EOS so you can literally sell your steem for eos or buy eos with steem
Cross chain trades with main net steem on scatter with newdex is also coming when wallet pack on scatter is finished by whoever can do what @ubg called level 50 mafia boss work. But check google for "$100 bounty for adding steem to scatter wallet pack" with reader instructions all laid out . 1000 zteem is 200 bucks now so I guess the bounty is doubles and yes I would power down 1000 steem from multiple accounts to pay this as I know steemians would pay me back in upvotes after the residual effects of main net SE and SMT token trading is happening on scatter without the need of pegs.

To trade free on newdex use a Telos wallet like from @sqrl and trade SAND free ask me how I'll help you help.me create volume . And for free EOS wallet use this https://getwombat.io for free multi sig eos wallet and you can trade on https://newdex.io


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