This sr71 blackbird is the fastest aircraft known to the public. Appics uses EOS ...

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... and STEEM so we EOS up with transactions as fast as an sr71.

I took this at Balboa Oark Ruben H Fleet Space and Air Museum in San Diego CA. This airframe is very impressive with it's high tolerances and fuel tank that leaks untill you get to high altitude and the metal expands. And more impressive is what was inside, the engine that allows hypersonic flight a jet and a ram jet hybrid.

Anyway this is the perfect example of SAN diego based post for earning SAND tokens on

I would love to have an aerospace and military history steem engine tribe front end for promoting flight memes and videos. Flight simulator videos alone make millions of youtube views, a space and air themed Appics category should be as POPULAR as the INSTAGRAM pages for air and military hardware. Russian military equipments for example is a great Instagram profile and theres many more we can adapt to Appics.


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Haha yea. Krazy jet... But yea.

Great selfie. About the plane I really don't know much about planes at all eheheh

I think its actualky the A12 or something the test net version of the sr71?