San diego has the ability to buy a tesla solar wall for every resident and use bitcoin ...

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... mining at substations to generate revenue back from excess solar panel power collection. 20 billion dollars double that to include the actual solar system and 40 billion dollars for San Diego can be done using @publicbanksd and paid back with taxes from increased economic activity after everyone saves all that money on utility costs. We would have to strike a deal with San Diego gas and electric and Sempre who own all the power lines because we wI'll need them now for selling power not buying. Electricity power and data lines should be a public utility like a DEX and cities already trade power... residents should have electricity exchanges and with SpaceX Starlink and tesla solar walls we may not even need traditional utilities or gas or oil . We may need to realize that the new green deal is just sustainable and they wont budge so you cant fight it... the oil dinosaurs are literally big tobacco and their oligopoly is over. Solar is new oil and tesla cyber coupe is the new Lambo... Los Angeles became silicon beach with snapchat... now its sandiegos turn to become Teslas SOLAR CITY and turn SAND into SILICON with a silicon desert a Neon palm Mall cyberpunk vaporwave paradise oasis. Perfect balance of anarcho capitalism and crypto governance with real estate expansion and human family growth as the lead factor of attention. San Diegos abundance of good weather and solar panels will keep our lifestyles afloat for centuries


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