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Doing NaNoWriMo, writing thousands of words every day, turns out to be a lot of fun. But it also requires a bit more sitting time than I am used to.

Top that off with lots of gardening chores, and my step count is low, low, low.

In San Diego, in a Mall called Fashion Valley, is a Lego Store. And one of the dudes is having a birthday party this Saturday with Lego as a theme.

At the Lego Store, they have a wall with all kinds of pieces to choose from. They are sold by the cup, not by weight. My daughter in law counted pieces to make sure that every kid invited could build the same kind of car, race it at the party, and then take it home.

I was there to keep an eye on the kids while she was busily pulling the car ingredients together.

Since school was out, many parents decided to take their kids to the mall. Or maybe it is always that full. We parked way out of the hustle and bustle of people fighting for parking spaces close by. I like to park far away to get some walking in.

And Miss BB always enjoys our evening walk.


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Dang! Who was it, @c0ff33a I think, took his boy to lego land or something a while back. Never been to anything like that.

We have Lego land here in San Diego County as well. I have never been - it is way out of my price range :(
And that was my first time at the store as well. When my kids were little, we had hand me down legos and my grandkids have so much that I rather take them for fun events than to give them a present... The whole sustainability thing :)

A Lego themed party feels amazing! Until someone steps on a piece of it...well, yeah, that's going to be disaster. But building a car with Lego, race with it, and being able to bring it home just feels like the most perfect party setup ever, it must be so much fun!

I think most adults associate legos with stepping on them lol. Very painful = memorable. 😂

@mariannewest I never knew there was a store that only sold legos, one of my daughters would not like it if we had one. She hates legos because they don't always get put away and she steps on them.

Ha!! I have stepped on Legos and it hurts!!!! Badly!! In the Lego Movie two, the mom bans the legos to the basement into storage boxes because she stepped on them :)

@mariannewest I think my daughter has banned them from her home. lol

We have the exact same wall at the Mall of America Legoland. It's really useful if you need specific bricks for a model you're working on. Or to replace missing ones.

omg ddr... should we make DDR token? play ddr get paid holy shit we could use old xbox's

oh I like that.gif

For sure!! And it is way more reasonable to buy the pieces that way than in sets.

It depends, to be honest. If it's a common brick, it's expensive. The specialized bricks are worth the price.

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That will sure be a fun game for the kids. Kudos.

Yes!! They all are lego heads :)

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Lego Store! Wow! ^_^

I know! I was blown away - also blown away how much some of those sets cost!!

YAAAAY LEGOS its the blockchaiN! i am making software into legos!!!! it used to be software wizards who kept the skills to themselves now with internet we can teach everyone EVERYTHING and make "ready player EVERYONE"

It will be fun when everyone can play on the blockchain :)

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